Nuisance False Fire Alarm Policy

What is the purpose of the false alarm program?  

The purpose of the fire alarm program is to reduce the number of non-emergent Fire Department responses that are caused by construction-related activities as well as improper maintenance, malfunction, negligence or misuse of a fire alarm system. 


Nuisance False Alarm Call

The activation of a fire alarm system through a mechanical failure, equipment malfunction or improper maintenance or installation of the system, but does not include the activation of a fire alarm system where the activation occurred as a result of accidental damage to the system.


City of Victoria Fire Code                                                                                               

 Chapter 9 Fire Protection, Article I, Section 9.9 sub sec. 112.5

The transmission of a false or nuisance alarm is a violation of this code. Facilities transmitting more than two nuisance alarms within a 12-month period shall be subject to a $100.00 fee for each subsequent nuisance alarm. Individuals causing a false alarm shall be subject to the Violation penalties listed above, and/or any provisions listed in the Texas Penal Code