One library. More than 141outside view of library BUILDING,600 books, CDs, and DVDs. Thirty-six public computers. 470 plus programs and activities. Eleven library board members. 322 Friends members. Thirty-three library staff. Serving the 86,755 residents of Victoria county.

We strive to meet the diverse information needs of all the citizens of Victoria County through excellence in our collections, facilities, and reference services. The library staff is service oriented and we know our community and its needs.

Providing Links to More Information

Because we understand the important role of information technology and resource sharing in meeting the needs of our readers, we are using automation to create links to many other libraries so that Victoria may have access to a wealth of information beyond that available in our library. We constantly strive to inform all potential library users about the resources we have for them.

Special Attention to Youth

We give special attention to the children and young adults of the community because we believe that early development of good reading habits leads to a higher level of literacy throughout one’s lifetime. We seek close cooperation with the schools and we are dedicated to serving as a center for reading, learning and technology.

Adult Readers

We believe that citizens need easy access to information for business, educational, leisure and civic needs so our second important focus is service to the adult reader. We are building collections of high interest, current materials which are the basis for timely and accurate reference service. We will continue to emphasize our strong local history and genealogy collections.

Library Documents

Victoria Public Library is a department of the City of Victoria. Learn more about the history, annual accomplishments, and future plans by accessing the documents provided on this page.

Library History

View a Brief History of the Victoria Public Library (PDF)

Annual Report

For an overview of 2021, view the 2022 Annual Report (PDF)

Strategic Plan

View the 2017 to 2022 Strategic Plan page.