Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch SignThe most effective means of reducing crime in your neighborhood is an organization of neighbors helping one another. There is no doubt about it.

Concerned neighbors joining together can make a big difference in crime. It costs little more than your interest and cooperation. The rewards can be great.

Many of the local Neighborhood Watches have significantly reduced crime in their community. Get involved today!!

About Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is much more than adding and using good locks. It is more of a state of mind or a level of awareness, because you are the extra eyes and ears to detect crime in your neighborhood. Criminals are always interested in where the police are. In a good Neighborhood Watch, criminals will also be leery of the homeowners because they know the homeowners are watchful and will be prepared to act by reporting to the police and their neighbors.

Getting Involved

In this day and age, it is easy to "let someone else do it" or to take the attitude that "I just don’t have the time." Sound familiar? A Neighborhood Watch has little chance of success if only a few individuals are involved. Make a commitment now to help your family, your home, and your community.

How It Works

Neighborhood Watches begin simply by the establishment of a communication network between homes. Watch meetings are then scheduled. They educate homeowners about modern security measures, including orientation in a property marking program called Operation Identification.


  • Attend Watch meetings
  • Implement security recommendations
  • Participate in Operation I.D.
  • Be watchful for suspicious persons and activities in your neighborhood
  • Alert the police when you have knowledge of a crime
  • Don’t be afraid to get involved. The police and your neighbors will thank you

Maintaining the Program

  • Volunteer to be a Block Captain or Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.
  • Help develop and distribute a neighborhood newsletter.
  • Set up interesting programs for the neighborhood (such as home security, identity theft, fire prevention, etc.)
  • Meet your new neighbors. Show them how to be part of the Neighborhood Watch team.